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  • Matelas Pégase LA
  • Matelas Pégase LA et Delta Diam


Ref. 01MP8040
  • Tailor made shock absorbing floor covering for the stall, infirmary, broodmares.
  • Safety, hygiene, suppleness.
  • Pure latex foam density 300 kg/m3.
  • Covered by a waterproof rubber with a double woven textile inlay: the strongest on the market (tested by an independent laboratory).
  • The underlays are wrapped in a polyan film for a protective moisture barrier.
  • Secured around the perimeter of the stall with aluminum bars and wedge anchors.
  • Reduces bedding cost.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Sanitary openings possible for surgical stalls!


Active horse stable: This concept is based on the basic horse’s needs, serving its well-being. Horses have free access to a shelter with a large dormitory equipped with a soft bedding and a supple rolling place.

The flooring is made of Pegase mattress for a great bedding comfort. It provides a supple flooring with a latex underlay density 300kg/m3 covered with a waterproof rubber with a reinforced textile inlay, the strongest on the market (tested by an independant laboratory)

Latex foam underlay + rubber top cover

  • Thickness: 40 mm
  • Dimension: Made to measure

Technical characteristics