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  • Poséidon - matelas à eau pour box
  • Poséidon - matelas à eau pour box


Ref. 01MP1560 - 01MP1760 - 01MP2060
  • The Poseidon mattress is the 1st enveloping waterbed. This mattress is adapted to equine morphologies and it optimises blood circulation.
  • An ideal solution for decreasing tendon and ligament stress.
  • Water absorbs shock and stress.
  • When the animal hits the floor with its hoof, the resulting vibration is absorbed by the mattress eliminating skeletal stress.
  • The rounded shape of the water pouch naturally evacuates urine which preserves frogs.
  • Favors the maintenance of somatosensory balance.
  • Not deformable.
  • Reduces bedding use.

The first mattress as soft as a massage.

Mattress thickness 50mm

  • Rubber thickness: 6 mm
  • Double textile inlay
  • Dimensions: 1.50 m x 3 m – 1.75 m x 3.50 m – 2.00 m x 4 m
  • For other dimensions, please contact us

Technical characteristics