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The research and development of an equestrian flooring obviously requires an understanding of equine locomotion and the impact of the floor on the horse’s health, its comfort and its sporting potential and performance.

As a result of the locomotion study, we identified and analysed the necessary physical factors for an equestrian flooring: support, impact, vibration.


No dust and no water: horseshoes last longer.

The economic impact of ganulated floors is significant.

Significant decrease in airborne dust quantities: a direct impact on horse and rider health.

The reduction of the floor abrasiveness leads to a clear reduction of horse shoeing frequency. A savings of 2 to 7 shoeings per year and per horse.

For some horses and ponys, it is even possible to avoid re-shoeing posteriors if the horse is working exclusively on the Appaloosa floor.

The suppleness of the floor is essential for the rider’s safety in the event of a fall. This reality is of huge importance in the case of riding lessons for youngsters.


Appaloosa is made of:

  • Stabiroll, for soil stabilization and drainage
  • A 35 mm cushioning underlay for comfort and safety
  • Graniflex in a mixture with sand to improve surface elasticity, absorption of impacts and lower dust inhalation.